Friday, May 8, 2009

Obscene "word verification" demands placed upon me

I understand that "word verifications" are used when you are signing up to things/leaving comments on blogs &c. &c. so as to prevent false internet identies and the propogation of spam most foul.  You have to type the word you see on the screen into the bar below.

Nevertheless, having just been asked to type in the word "cunsests" to match an image of that word shown on my screen, and to leave a blog comment, I wonder if the means defeat the ends.  I wonder. 

Knock-Knock Orange Joke

Knock-Knock Who’s there Orange Orange who? It’s Orange, you know, Orange It’s Orange, you know, Orange, Who?! Come on, you know who I am, it’s Orange, knock-knock-knockOrange who? It’s Orange, I just said right now, knock-knock-KNOCK Look, Orange, I’ve never heard of you in mu life, I don’t... KNOCK-KNOCK-KNOCK And how do I even know you are Orange?!  That’s it, open up now or I’ll start kicking the door You don’t have to do this, please, I’m not who you think I am I’m coming in after 1... Please no 2... It’s for your own good 3...Okay I’m opening the door!  Good, you could have done that a long time ag... oh god... 

[the door swings open, bathing Orange in a fierce glow of white light,  which is carved the perfect silhouette of a fruit peeler in its prime, filling the frame of the entrance, poised at the threshold, ready to pounce] 

Monday, May 4, 2009

More like I'M hungry

"Henry is feeling hungry": an inner voice constructed this phrase in my head today, and it took but a moment to realise the semblence it had to a facebook status.  It took a further moment to realise that I was in fact hungry.  Oh mind, you are getting the order allllllll wrong.  And so I got rid of facebook.  Eery, then, that I head straight to a blog to express myself...

Thursday, April 30, 2009


Lots of traffic, highly-intellectual readership, get your business' name out there!!!

A Cross Stick



Lassoing a group of runners: a visual demonstration

Note that the back leg is bent at the knee, and the forearm is straight - a wide arc is thus ensured. Get this right, and no runner will ever be safe again.

How to harness the power of the sun

Make a rope (
Using this rope, fashion a lasso. (
Spin it ( and harness the sun with it.